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X-Pac™ fabric originates from the sailcloth industry, the same industry that developed Dyneema® (formerly Cuben) and Spinnaker, among others. The need for huge yardages of ultralight, ultrastrong, waterproof fabrics means sailing drives innovation.

The outdoor industry benefits from these innovations. Spinnaker, Cuben, and now X-Pac™ are widely used in backpacks, SAR, bike packs, and ultralight gear.

X-Pac™ is lightweight, forever waterproof, UV resistant, and has good tear, puncture, and abrasion resistance. It’s a perfect backpack fabric.

X-Pac™ is a laminate consisting of:

  1. Nylon face fabric
  2. X-Ply polyester yarn insert for bias stability and tear strength
  3. PET (Mylar) film for waterproofing and stretch control.


CORDURA® fabric is a collection of fabrics qualified by INVISTA for use in a wide array of products from luggage and backpacks to boots, military wear and performance apparel. CORDURA® brand fabrics are recognized for their long-lasting durability and resistance to abrasions, tears and scuffs.

From the classic air-jet textured nylon fabrics to today’s ultra light weight nylon and high tenacity polyester fabrics, CORDURA® fabrics are available in a wide range of fabric constructions, weights and textures, including:

  • Ultra Light Weight Nylon Ripstop Fabrics (30, 70, 100 denier)
  • Nylon/Cotton Blends for Workwear and Denim
    Textured Nylon Bottom Weights (160, 330 denier)
  • Light Weight Nylon Packcloths (210, 420 denier)
  • Textured Nylon or Polyester Packcloths (300, 500, 1000 denier)
  • Heavy Weight Nylon Ballistic Fabrics (630, 840, 1050 denier)


Dyneema® Composite Fabrics (formerly Cuben Fiber) take strength and durability to new highs. Dyneema® Composites dramatically increase tear, puncture, and abrasion performance dramatically compared with 500D nylon, while cutting weight and reducing bulk.

They can also be tailored and optimized for strength, stretch, and weight, and and for thickness overall and at specific points or along predetermined load paths. The customizable properties of these flexible composite fabrics allow them to be used in numerous applications and industries, ranging from outdoor sports equipment to emergency medical products.


Hypalon® by DuPont is an extremely durable and waterproof performance elastomer utilized in products designed for extreme use; such as whitewater rafts, containment suits, and other outdoor equipment. The material is a very versatile polyethylene (CSPE) synthetic rubber (CSM) noted for its resistance to chemicals, temperature extremes, and ultraviolet light.