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Acorn Bags Basket Bag

USD $79

Complement your Wald 137 basket. Baskets are so practical and uncomplicated that it deserves a bag with the same virtues. Waxed canvas and leather are a natural match with that vibe. Just like your basket, our bag will never go out of style…looks great off the bike too!

Our Basket Bag adjusts to the size of your cargo—fold it over for minimal loads or keep it tall for maximum capacity. This is a “grab and go” bag that can be carried off with minimal fuss. Two side snaps plus a handle snap secures the bag to the basket.

Our design addresses some common basket bag limitations:

  • Wide “V” shaped tote bags have big capacity, but can get in the way of handlebars and the undefined bottom edges don’t fit neatly into the basket.
  • Zippered bags are convenient, but frustrating when you want to add “just one more thing”. Don’t force it closed or you might pop the zipper.
  • Roll-top bags are a good choice if you routinely carry oversized payloads, but not so user-friendly for the everyday stuff. They’re a pain to unfurl and reach down to the bottom of the bag.

We sized our bag to drop into your Wald 137 “Medium” Basket (not included). With upright handlebars, bag clearance usually isn’t a problem (see dimensions below). If you have drop handlebars, make sure the lower drops are several inches wider than your basket, to allow room for your hands. Pay attention to your rack specs and don’t go beyond the weight limit!

Please note: In the process of improving our products, we occasionally make running changes. Actual item may slightly vary from what is shown in the photos.

Heritage Materials

  • MARTEXIN “ORIGINAL WAX” waxed cotton canvas. American manufacturer since 1838.
  • HERMANN OAK “ENGLISH BRIDLE” premium leather vegetable-tanned from U.S. hides. American manufacturer since 1881.
  • SCOVILL DOT® Snaps, military/marine approved, nickel plated brass. American manufacturer since 1802.


  • INSIDE POCKET fits most smartphones
  • SHUTS TIGHT with hook and loop closure
  • OPENS WIDE for easy loading
  • VEGETABLE TANNED LEATHER handles will develop a beautiful patina
  • 3 DOT® SNAPS attach the bag to the basket

Product Specs

Weight595 g
Capacity15 L
CountryUnited States