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Acorn Bags Medium Rando Bag

USD $292

Tradition with a twist. We kept the important features of classic front bags, but pared down the non-essentials…creating a leaner, meaner bag. Leather is used sparingly to keep weight down, but we didn’t scrimp where reinforcement was needed. We also added some time-saving features for the long distance cyclist.

Our Tall Rando Bag mounts securely to your rack; you have the option of going “decaleur-less” when conditions are less demanding. (If you need a little more stability, attach optional cords to the handlebars. Of course, a decaleur is advised when the going gets rough.)

How we achieved a tight bag/rack interface:

  1. Heavy duty straps cinch securely around the rack rails.
  2. Stiff leather sleeves encase the straps, restricting movement.
  3. A wraparound stiffener—held under tension—applies pressure against the rack.
  4. Leather “tombstone” sleeve creates a snug fit.

Why we added hook and loop to fasten the lid:

  1. Hook and loop “locks” the corners in place—keeping the lid taut and square—so there’s less flexing of the top of the bag compared to using looser elastic cords or straps. It’s a simple, lightweight solution to stabilize the bag.
  2. Rando bags allow quick access to your stuff…but reaching down to grab the elastic cord can take extra effort. So we added hook and loop to make opening the lid easier. (You still have the elastic cord option if you overstuff your bag, decide to use a decaleur, or prefer looping the cord over your stem.)

Why we got rid of the side pockets:

  1. They’re convenient for things like candy bar wrappers, but not much else. It’s a tight fit to insert your hand and retrieve stuff from the 2D pockets.
  2. In rainy conditions, water tends to pool at the bottom of the pockets.
  3. Lightens the bag by an ounce or two.

This bag is sized to fit the Nitto M-12 rack, Nitto Mark’s rack, Velo Orange and other *similarly sized* Randonneur style front racks (see fitting guide diagram). Non-standard sized mini racks and other rack styles will NOT mount securely. Please contact me with any fit questions before purchase.

Please note: In the process of improving our products, we occasionally make running changes. Actual item may slightly vary from what is shown in the photos.


  • MARTEXIN “Original Wax” cotton canvas. American manufacturer since 1838.
  • HERMANN OAK “English Bridle” premium leather vegetable-tanned from U.S. hides. American manufacturer since 1881.
  • SCOVILL DOT® turn buttons, military/marine approved, nickel plated brass. American manufacturer since 1802.


  • 2 rear pockets with DOT® Common Sense™ turn buttons
  • Wide front pocket fits most folded maps
  • Removable, hidden stiffener helps prevent sagging
  • Light colored interior makes it easy to see inside
  • Rear opening top flap for “no-dismount” access
  • Built-in map case with velcro, fits 8.5″ x 11″ paper folded in half
  • D-rings to attach optional Shoulder Strap or Stabilizing Cords
  • 2 replaceable heavy-duty rack straps included

Product Specs

Weight907 g
CountryUnited States