Bags by Bird

Bags by Bird Piccolo Short Flap Large

USD $200

A smaller sibling to the Goldback with an updated design, the Piccolo Short Flap is BXB’s take on a mid-capacity transverse handlebar and saddle bag. It comes in two sizes; small & large with 10.5L and 13.5L main compartments, exactly 14 and 18 750 mL bottles of wine respectively, plus the two side pockets for meats, cheeses and other antipasti! While we call it a short-flap, rest assured its lid is amply sized for tightening down an overflowing bag. It has a dowel at the base of the bag to prevent it from folding over the head tube or, on the rear, keep it away from the back of the thighs when used with foam spacers. The bag is meant to be run rack-less though can easily work with small rack platforms and ‘pec deck’ minimal rack setups.


  • Rackless front: handlebar clamp down to tire w/ 2 pair foam spacers: +9” *
  • Rackless rear; saddle loops down to tire: +9.5″ *
  • Rack support; handlebar/saddle loops down to platform: 5.5″-7″
  • *note rackless: +/- 1/2 – 1″ for bumpy roads with heavy a** loads


  • External wooden dowel sleeve at main top strap point acts as a stiffening batten for the bag. It is removable but is held in place by a #6 x 1/2” wood screw phillips head.
  • Additional lower external dowel sleeve that helps prevent the bag from folding over the head tube, reducing sway and increasing rigidity and tire clearance. It is removable but is held in place by a #6 x 1/2” wood screw phillips head.
  • HDPE rigid body liner – removable.
  • Hypalon panel on underside and back for lashing to racks, head-tube and seat-posts. Very good against abrasion.
  • Triple stitched main seams
  • Fabric, straps, buckles made in U.S.A.
  • Sewn in Atlanta, GA

Product Specs

Weight780 g
Capacity13.5 L
CountryUnited States