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Bedrock Bags Honaker Nalgene Bag

USD $50

The Honaker is the bag you never knew you needed – until you use one. It allows you to carry a full Nalgene in the unused space below your down tube, in front of your bottom bracket, keeping water weight low and allowing more space in your frame triangle for food or gear. No under-tube bottle mount bosses needed! The Honaker also does double duty as a handle bag bag for a jacket or extra layers. Two bags in one!

The secret to the Honaker’s ability lies in careful design. An adhesive velcro strip (included) is applied to the underside of the down tube, and paired with velcro sewn into the bag, keeps the Honaker from slipping down the tube. Rubberized straps prevent rotation or “swing” around the down tube, even when used on small-tube steel bikes, and even on the roughest trails. The Honaker covers a Nalgene completely, keeping the bottle clean regardless of conditions outside (helpful when riding through a rainstorm in cattle country – been there, done that!). Installed properly, the Honaker has more ground clearance than your chainring (even a 32t 1x or SS), will not move while riding, and essentially disappears until you need that extra 32oz of water. The Honaker is proven on the Colorado Trail and Arizona Trail, both very rough in places.


  • No bounce or movement on even the roughest trails
  • Carry extra water even without cage mounts
  • One-of-a-kind design

Product Specs

Weight77 g
CountryUnited States