Fifth Season

Fifth Season Key Pa Saddle Bag

USD $514

Fifth Season set out to make the finest saddle bag in the land. Thick waxed canvas of the highest grade. Custom coated brass hardware. Insanely thick leather in all the places you need leather for durability. A bag to last decades, not years.

Made 10 at a time by Dave at Waxwing Bags in Vermont. He’s one of the best bag makers out there, and he cares deeply about the bags he sews. We’re honored to work with him.

Why so expensive? Each bag takes roughly 7 hours to make. Every single piece is US made. There is a boat load of nice custom coated brass hardware and leather on it. These bags are underpriced, compared to pretty much every other bag on the market. If we marked this up the way everyone else does, the bag would be at least $420. Consider it a bargain at $350. We make these bags, simply because we think it should exist. Not everything is about making money. Sometimes it’s about seeing cool things being made by talented, passionate people.

26 liters of capacity without the extendo flap. Aka a 3 season down sleeping bag, a Nemo Tensor Air Mattress and a 32oz Nalgene, plus some food, and a down sweater. That’s not counting what you can strap to the outside, or over stuffing it and using the extendable top flap.

Is this bag similar to a Carradice? Yes! Is it similar to a Swift? Yes! The difference is in the details. The Key Pa’s only plastics are in the thread. No plastic trim, liner, buckles. In a world filled with plastics that take between 400 and 1000 years to degrade, we wanted to bring out a bag that would last a long time, but not a millennium.

If you want the nicest bag currently made, we think this is it. No compromises. Super Tough. Elegant. Repairable. Functional. #waxedcottonwillsavetheworld


  • 100% US made materials.  Waxed cotton, leather, cotton trim, brass hardware.
  • Made by Waxwing Bags, a one person bag maker in northern Vermont.
  • Side pockets can fit a 32oz Nalgene easily
  • 36cm x 26cm x 22cm (about 52cm wide with full side pockets)
  • 24 liters in standard mode, 34 liters with flap extended.

Product Specs

Capacity34 L
CountryUnited States