Fifth Season

Fifth Season Kinni Kinnic Sack

USD $83

Ever got into camp and needed to find your headlamp, matches and your flask before it got dark out? You search around in your haversack, and that stuff is buried deeper than the truth about big foot. Or let’s say you come across a moose munchin his way across the swamp. You gotta get your Spotmatic out with a quickness. Or your buddy bites it on a snowmobile trail and you have to stitch him up fast. That’s where the Wald Utility Belt comes in.

Think outside the basket. What’s all that pesky empty space doin’ around the outer perimeter of your basket? Nothing! Make that space earn its keep: get a Kinni Kinnic Sack.

Organize your possibles outside of your basket so they’re easy to grab in a hurry. Camera, first aid, fire makin’ stuff, headlamp, rain jacket, pemmican bars, that batch of Chanterelles you don’t wanna mush up in your main sack. The Sack can be easily removed, so you don’t have to tote some big ole bag over to the camp fire, or undo your frame bag, etc. The sack can be strapped to a belt or suspenders.

Made just for us in the cold woods of Maine on a treadle powered sewing machine by a guy who rides a steel bike and cuts all his firewood with a handsaw.

US made waxed cotton, nylon webbing, and brass snaps. Functionally waterproof but don’t go dunking them in a river and expecting your pocket guide to Early 18th Century New England Cornices to come out totally dry.


  • US made waxed canvas.
  • Sewn in Maine by one dude in an off the grid cabin with a treadle powered sewing machine.
  • Attaches to the outside of a Wald Basket.

Product Specs

Capacity1 L
CountryUnited States