Framework Designs

Framework Designs The Pint Size Panniers

USD $121

Designed to stay securely on your bike through your daily commutes and weekend adventures, our Pint Size Panniers bolt directly to the triple cage spacing on your fork!

They contain a custom made, solid aluminium backing so they stay in place no matter how much or little yo put in them. When you donโ€™t need the extra carrying space they tighten up neatly!

Please note: They are only directly compatible with bolts that are parallel to your frame. If your fork has bolts on an angle you will need to use an adaptor. Possibilities include the King Cage Universal Support Bolt or the Wolf Tooth B-RAD Double Barrel Bottle Cage Adaptor.

We recommend using dry bags inside your panniers if you are planning on doing water crossings/expecting a heavy down pour- the bags have holes in them after all!

Product Specs

Capacity2.5 L