Hungry The 137 Tote Bag

USD $122+

Are you spending too much time strapping bags to your Wald 137 basket? Do you live in constant fear of someone stealing your unattended basket bag?

The 137 Tote Bag is an easy-attach, easy-remove tote style bag that fits perfectly in a Wald 137 basket!

The patent pending B. KEEPER strap attaches to and stays on your Wald basket! This absolute triumph of ingenuity means you don’t have extra straps or buckles hanging off your bag when you’re traipsing around Milan, Buenos Aires, Woolworths, or anywhere else you want to be seen.


  • Made from 1000d Cordura, or 11oz Canvas.
  • Fluro yellow floating liner means you’re never gonna lose anything in there!
  • Chonkin’ YKK #10 zip top closure, and #5 YKK zip on the front pocket!
  • Big ol’ 38mm wide straps are very comfy on the shoulder, and look shiny and cool!
  • 6mm of squish in the base to keep things from rattling about!
  • Approx 30L capacity, that’s 30 x 1000mL (don’t fill it with liquid)
  • Single buckle to secure your fresh vegetables to the basket!

Product Specs

Capacity30 L