Hungry The LCM

USD $114

It’s here, and it’s GOT A NAME!!

It’s the lunchbox treat you always wish you were allowed, but that other kid had them and would never share! Well now’s your chance to get revenge!

The LCM is a Compact, Comfortable and Convenient (C³) bum bag or fanny pack (depending on your dialect).

The LCM is the perfect companion for days out on the road less travelled, or the road well travelled. It’s a bag and you should be able to use it wherever you want. And you totally can.

It’s great around the waist while riding or hiking- so comfy you’ll often forget it’s there! It’s also great over the shoulder when you’ve gotta look cool(er) or aren’t quite ready to commit to the fanny pack way of life. You do you!

It’s got an approx 2L capacity all up. There are FIVE separate pockets on the inside for organising all your stuff just how you like it, and there’s a convenient little hook for you key, too! Never lose it again!

Fluro yellow lining also means you’re not gonna have any trouble finding what you need in the dark. You’re welcome.

That shiny zipper up top? That’s a YKK AquaGuard #5. It’s water resistant so you’re gonna be fine riding/walking in the rain with it- just make sure it’s closed properly!

There’s a lil bit of MOLLE style webbing along the sides and front too, great for attaching a wet raincoat or brolly. Pick yourself up some Voile Straps for the ultimate in external strappability. I will release some little accessory pouches eventually too, I swear!


  • Outer Fabric: X-Pac VX21 (Black and Slate Options), X10 Cotton Duck (Olive Green) or 11Oz Proofed Canvas (Maroon).
  • Inner Fabric: 300d Polyester, PU coated.
  • Zipper: YKK Uretek/Aquaguard #5

Product Specs

Capacity2 L