Mori Mono

Mori Mono Essential Barbag

USD $86

“The Essential Bar Bag” is the perfect companion on those long rides where you don’t want to stuff everything into your jersey pockets, but still want to keep your essentials to hand. The bag’s dimensions are 19 cm x 10 cm (7.5″ x 4″), which makes the bag very compact and suitable for bringing an extra layer of clothes, bars, compact camera or other small necessities.

The outer of the bag is constructed from Dyneema, whilst the inner is made out of X-Pac. This makes the bag lightweight (90 gram), durable and water-resistant against rain. To ensure the bag protects your belongings and keeps its shape, we use a plastic stiffener inside.

There are two Velcro straps, with an option of four different contact points (depending on your preferences and handlebar size). All the seams on common “stress points” are double reinforced and the bag can be attached with a cord to your stem to make sure everything stays in place.

Both sides include a small pocket for further storage. Lastly, for those using a GPS mount, we have used two zipper pulls to give more flexibility when opening and closing the bag.


  • Material: Dyneema 2.92 oz (outer main body and sides), X-Pac VX07 (lining)
  • Right side mini pocket
  • 2x Velcro strap
  • Back panel with 4 attachment options for Velcro
  • Plastic body stiffener
  • Water resistant
  • Handmade in Japan

Product Specs

Weight90 g
Capacity1.5 L