RAL EX Loader

USD $72

The EX Loader is a pannier bag that can be easily attached to a carrier and used for touring as well as commuting and small shopping. It’s just the right size for a jacket, a wallet, a lunch box and a personal computer. It’s a daypack style. If you are going to use it on a rainy day, protect your luggage with a dry sack.

However, it is a major premise that we want to keep using it for a long time, so we use CORDURA® nylon, which is highly durable, for the fabric. The zipper has two handles for easy opening and closing. There is only one luggage compartment and there is no separate storage space, but you can easily pack your luggage with pom poms. Although it is simple, it is easy to use. In addition, since it has a handle, it also supports cases where it is necessary to carry it. The mesh pockets on the outside are very convenient to store gloves and windbreakers quickly, and are also recommended for storing snacks, energy bars and towels.

The mounting method is the same as DL Loader. The mounting parts are a stand with an aluminum plate and a hook with a protective pad, a bungee cord and an S-shaped hook and a simple and rugged appearance, so there is no worry that it will be broken a little softly, and it will be used for a long time Has become. Of course, the position of the hook can be adjusted by using a spanner or wrench, and the length of the bungee cord can be freely adjusted, so it can be attached to carriers of various sizes.

In addition, since we are thinking of making it easy to use, it is easy to use it as a sub-bag when you use WB Loader, for example, and want to increase your luggage a little more.

* This item is sold on one side instead of on both sides. Also, it can be installed on either side.

Product Specs

Capacity11 L