RAL Kanpai Loader

USD $48

The Kanpai Loader is a bicycle mounted cradle that can carry various beverages such as cans, bottles, tumblers and water bottles. Drinks can be placed at your fingertips, so you can easily hydrate by reaching out anytime, anywhere.

The installation method is very simple. First, fix it to the top tube and down tube with a thin strap with a buckle at the tip. After that, pass a thin strap with a thick strap with the RAL logo from the entire surface of the head tube, put it back and fix it with Velcro. It’s a quick cinch and will provide a secure cradle for a wide array of beverage containers

In addition, since the circumference can be adjusted by the fixing position of the strap with the logo, large bottles such as Nalgene / 32oz Wide Mouth Bottle can be held firmly.

The Kanpai plays an active role when you need plenty of the drink of your choice, whether touring, commuting to school or work, or cycling on holiday.

Product Specs