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Ron’s Bikes Fabio’s Chest (2018)

USD $265+

The Fab’s “classico” our best seller-the olive drab Cordura fab’s. Time tested, a modern marvel of space and bicycle touring. Water resistant, slightly less than the xpac version. Both require a driving rain down hill mountain pass to really get soaked.

Flap: Extendable flapper with snap fasteners and dual-closure split back buckles that adjust along the continuous daisy chain to accommodate your growing or shriveling loade.

Side Pockets: Roomy enough to fit a 40 oz Nalgene. Reinforced velcro lid to allow quick access while riding. Collapsable and tukt-able when not in use.

Reinforced body is rack-less, unless yer bike is too small and it hits yer tyre; then you need a bag support of some sort.  My bikes are big, so I have no problem with the front or rear. Sometimes I like to use a bag support in the rear so that it sits at a more aesthetically pleasing angle.  Small racks like the Nitto M1 are a great choice for this. Another consideration is that if yer running fenders, that’ll be enough to keep the bag from rubbing if you think it’ll be close.

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