Sackville Backabike Bag

USD $158

Simple, extremely well-made, and more expensive than Ortliebs. SOLD SINGLY, but please get two. It mounts via two small leather buckle straps and a strap (included). It’s not the one hand/ one second mount and release of a lot of modern bags, but if you can spare 30 seconds, you’ll see the beauty in its simplicity and security, and may have some bonus peace of mind knowing there’s nothing to break. They attache to any rack via leather buckles. Not plastic auto-open/close German wizardry buckles. They’re simple, strong. Loading and unloading couldn’t be easier. The toggle arrangement is wonderful and fast and feels like you’re doing a real thing. Symmetrical shape works equally well on the left or right side and also on the Nitto Big rear, Nitto Big front or Clem racks.

The material is waterproof and these will do fine in rain during commutes, but if you’re going on a super wet expedition-type tour, line the bags with plastic bags. The seams aren’t sealed and there are openings on the back where water could seep in when it’s a torrential stream.

Product Specs

Capacity13.2 L
CountryUnited States