Sackville GrabSack

USD $84

This is a bikeified version of a Swiss Medic’s bag, with more bike-happy details. You wear it one of two ways: (1) Like a fanny pack, or if you favor function over symmetry, off to the side and a hair behind your hip. Put your needs in it and go, and reach in and grab them as you need them. It’s handy, out of the way, and you tighten the belt (which in this mode is a waist belt) and there’s no flop-around. It stays put! (2) Like a shoulder bag, like a person hauling around a purse.

It’s a good bag for cameras, clothing, cellphone, loot, binoculars, books, whatever you can fit into a 12″ x 9″ x 3.5″ sack. Inner sleeve pocket for wallet-keys-phone. The cap closes with two wooden toggles, which are turned by hand on a little lathe in New York. The fabric is the same best-in-the-world waterproofed Scottish cotton. It’s a simple, useful sack. Over your shoulder or on your hip. Military spec webbing. Vegan. You grab it and go.

Product Specs

CountryUnited States