Sackville HappiSack Saddlebag

USD $234

QUICK SUMMARY: The SACKVILLE HappySack is our most all-around useful biggish saddlebag. If you find you wish it were bigger, you have an excuse to get a BaggaBond sometime, and for smaller loads (not food shopping), the BagBoy is good. But for general use, this is the one.

ALL Sackville Saddlesacks are the result of 30+ years of saddlebag use and obsession. These are our own designs, made without compromise in Connecticut. They’re expensive, but last decades. They all require a saddle with loops. All modern leather saddles and some plastic ones (Brooks Cambium Allweather saddles) have them.

This is the SaddleSack MEDIUM’s replacement with some lateral changes that are kind of neat. Single strap top flap with dowel speeds things up a bit. Underside lash-down thing has extended two loops that you might not ever use, but they slightly make lashing down easier. The same everything else, because the now-old SaddleSack Medium didn’t need a makeover.

Oh—our price was raised so yours was going to be, but we left off the Kangaroo pocket, which you can now buy separately—mix or match colors—for the same price it would be if we’d included it. Get one.

The Happy sack is the most versatile large-but-not-humongous saddlebag in our line, and is among the most handsome saddlebags in the galaxy. You will open up the box, hold it in your hands, and say, “Whoa…”

Our design, made in Connecticut of cotton we import directly from Scotland, and American leather and brass.

Please don’t ask us how many liters it holds. We don’t know. How do you measure that in a soft bag with expandable lid and flap, and bulges? Geometrically, or with kidney beans? How do others? We don’t know, and unless everybody is doing it the same, it’s too easy to fudge and jiggle. It’s between a Carradice Nelson Longflap and Camper in size.

Product Specs

CountryUnited States