Swift Industries

Swift Campout 2021 Every Day Carry

USD $80

Every year we revvvv up the sewing machines to bring you an ultra-limited run of Swift Campout bags. This year’s collection features art by Chris McNally and has us tripping over this insane purple fabric. We hope you are too!

In pop culture EDC is an acronym for Every Day Carry referring to the concept, and even the community, that’s grown out of carefully curating a collection of necessities to help get you through your daily grind. In that world, an ever-changing and artfully arranged collection is every bit as important as the actual mode of carrying it.

On-bike, “EDC” might be items that you know you’ll be using on a ride, or maybe it’s the things you’d really rather not have to use — like your mechanical kit. What you deem “essential” on a ride is your call, but no matter what you’re packing, those essentials should never be a pain to access. The new Every Day Caddy was designed for utility, efficiency, and ease of access for the array of small items you call your EDC.

Our two-piece system features an external VX21 harness which is structured with an HDPE insert, and is quickly and easily mounted with a 15” Voile Strap to your saddle rails and a bungee toggle to your seatpost. Once mounted, a removable rolltop Dyneema Ripstop stuff sack integrates seamlessly with the harness. This allows for lightning-quick deployment and access to your essentials in a low-profile and versatile package!


  • Removable Dyneema Grid Ripstop stuff sack
  • Comes with 15” Voile nylon buckle strap for mounting to saddle
  • Materials: VX21 X-Pac, Dyneema Grid Ripstop, Coverlight, Fastex Buckles, HDPE Insert
  • Color: Mulberry (VX21)

Product Specs

Weight106 g
Capacity1 L
CountryUnited States