Swift Industries

Swift Industries Gemini Cargo Pack

USD $70

The Gemini Cargo Pack is a no-frills solution to adding storage to your anything-style cargo cages.

When it comes to bikepacking, cyclists look to get the most out of their bike’s carrying capacity. Cargo cages are a practical and lightweight solution to eking out some extra liters of storage, and this is where the Gemini Cargo Pack comes in. The Gemini was thoughtfully designed to be a simple, functional match for your three-bolt mounted cargo cage. At nearly 4 liters of capacity, the Gemini may just qualify as a mini pannier. For ease of access to your goods and added water resistance this bag features a roll top closure. A removable HDPE sheet inserted into the bottom section of the bag adds structure to make packing the bag a breeze. To prevent abrasion and wear-through where the Gemini contacts your cargo cage, ballistic grade recycled polyester fabric was chosen for the back panel. The sturdy velcro straps make it a cinch to attach and remove the bags from a cargo cage. The velcro straps are backed with rubberized textile to mitigate movement of the bag and give you confidence to take on whatever road lies ahead. The daisy chain webbing on each side of the Gemini is a great place to strap on a small pump or lace some shock cord to create a small net.

Pro tip: The Gemini Cargo Pack is a great solution for smaller riders who struggle to find storage options to fit their bikes.

It is said that great things come in pairs, so take this as a sign to grab two for the twin!

Product Specs

Weight250 g
Capacity4 L
CountryUnited States