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Swift Industries x Crust Zeitgeist Pack

USD $195

Swift’s Zeitgeist is a staple bag in the bicycle touring world. It’s perfect for touring, long days in the saddle, or even your commute around town. This bags design allows it to be used as a handlebar or a saddle bag. The Zeitgeist has two sets of mounting slots, one of which matches up with the spacing of the attachment loops on a Brooks Saddle (or most any saddle loops), the other is for handlebar mounting. It comes with two voile straps for mounting and a few foam spacers to space it out from your handlebar if you want. There is a plastic insert that helps it keep it from collapsing around your head tube, or seat stays/ post. The telescopic neck on the inside keeps all your stuff from falling out when the flap is open.

All of that plus these have a Unicorn embroidered onto the flap!


  • Internal batten keeps bag rigid
  • Comes two Voile™ attachment straps and a p-cord cinch strap that wraps around the head-tube or seat-post
  • Attachment strap spacing for Brooks™ saddles
  • Attachment strap spacing for handlebars
  • Two collapsible side pockets
  • Telescoping neck holds stuff in place when you open the bag
  • Compression strap under the flap pulls the weight of your bag close to the bicycle for stable riding
  • Main closure straps feed back on themselves so you don’t have any danglers
  • Reflective detailing
  • Materials: HDPE, Coverlite™, Dyneema™ Grid Ripstop, Fastex Buckles, Reflective Tape
  • Colors: Black, Teal (VX21)

Product Specs

Weight590 g
Capacity12 L
CountryUnited States

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