Troutmoose Underdog Down Tube Bag

USD $45

Do not underestimate the Underdog. It is the perfect home for those vital items that don’t get used very often but cannot be left at home: repair kit, tools, and spares. Instead of filling up your frame bag with 29er spare tubes, stash it in the Underdog. Made from tough waterproof materials like X-Pac and ballistic nylon.


  • Ballistic nylon backing so it will last a long time
  • X-Pac construction to keep water out of your stuff. X-Pac is tough and super light.
  • 3 Rubberized non-slip contact points to avoid movement and protect your frame
  • Tough nylon straps

The bag is designed to be used on the underside of a down tube, meaning it has great crank and chainring clearance even when used very close to the bottom bracket shell. It fits a wide range of tube widths, from skinny steal top tubes to thick carbon down tubes.

Things you can fit into it:

29er spare tube, multi-tool, mini pump, repair kit, tire levers
27.5 Plus spare tube, multi-tool, mini pump, repair kit, tire levers
Spare parts, tubeless sealant, multi-tool, mini pump
700c spare tube, multi-tool, mini pump, CO2, repair kit, tire levers, other bits
Water filtration system, spare parts/tubeless sealant

You get the idea, you can fit a lot of different things in this accessory bag.

Product Specs

CountryUnited States