Fifth Season

Fifth Season Squall Sack

USD $157

The Fifth Season Squall Sack is made as strong and as simply as possible. Less bells and whistles mean less things to break. The bag has exactly zero bells and whistles. Also zero zippers. Being called Fifth Season, these bags have to stand up to Vermont’s worst season: mud season. It’s cold, salty, slushy. The roads turn to peanut butter. The trails are covered in ice and running water. You need a bag that will keep stuff dry, last a long time, and look good doing it.

Waxed cotton is the best thing to make a bag out of. It’s highly highly water resistant. Repairable. Re-waxable. Looks better with age. Doesn’t delaminate with time like all the popular bike packing fabrics do. Fades nicely. Doesn’t look cheap or used up with time.

Waxed cotton stuff can last for a really long time. It wasn’t made for the military. It is not developed by a chemicals company responsible for horrible environmental catastrophes. It’s not made by a company run by evil brothers. It’s a 100+ year old way to make cotton waterproof. Our Squall Sack can’t be thrown in a river and picked up 3 miles later with an expectation that your copy of Leo Anthony Gallagher Jr’s autobiography ‘I Hate Citrullus Lanatus’ won’t be damp, but it’s fine in rain, even an all night soaking rain. It has minimal seams, for less potential leakage.

All the hardware is US made and it’s solid, not plated, brass. The bags are roomy and tall. Perfect for Grocery runs or bike camping. It fits nicely in a medium Wald 137. Two brass snaps on the sides secure it in the basket. You should use a strap over the whole thing for bigger loads, but if you are just carrying around a book and a jacket, the snaps are fine.

The Fifth Season Squall sack is made in Maine by our buddy Scott, who makes them on a treadle powered sewing machine in an off the grid cabin he made himself.

When your Squall sack gets older, re-wax it with Otter Wax or home brew some wax with a brick of canning paraffin, beeswax and a hot plate.


  • US made waxed canvas and brass hardware
  • Fits a Wald 137 full or half basket
  • Sewn in Maine by one dude in an off the grid cabin with a treadle powered sewing machine
  • Weather Proof

Product Specs

Capacity17 L
CountryUnited States