RAL Front Loader

USD $53

What kind of luggage do you carry when you go out for a ride? From essentials such as wallets and mobile phones to cameras, sunglasses, novels and snacks, tools that will enrich your ride. I’m sure there are various things that each person wants to bring to enjoy the ride.

RAL LOADERS, which develops various items such as saddle bags, frame bags, and pannier bags as items that support living with a bicycle, will release those tools for the first time in 2017. A handlebar bag that can be easily stored, its name is FRONT LOADER.

The front loader is made of highly durable CORDURA nylon and has a polyethylene reinforcement inside, which makes it resistant to friction and tearing, and can be used safely even on rough roads. In addition to the main luggage compartment, the small front pocket makes it easy to store mobile phones and keys.

With a size of 21 cm wide x 8 cm gusset x 15 cm high, this bag is easy to install regardless of the model or handle shape, from the drop bar to the flat bar, while ensuring storage capacity. The strap firmly sewn on the back of the bag can be attached to the handle, and the easy-to-adjust bungee cord can be turned to the head tube or stem for secure attachment, and it can be removed smoothly in case of removal. It is possible.

Product Specs

Capacity2.5 L