Sackville BagBoy SaddleSack

USD $197

We retired the fantastic Sackville Small saddlesack because not enough people loved it and took advantage of its short height and that allowed it to sneak in (on small bikes) saddle-to-tire gaps that no other saddle bag of that decent capacity could even dream of.


  • itโ€™s 2-inches deeper top to bottom, so it holds a lot more. (worth $17.50)
  • it has D-rings on the flap, so you can attach a Sackville Kangaroo pocket for wallet-phone-keys-tools. (Worth $14.24, but you still have to buy the $22 KangaPocket)
  • the underside has an abrasion pad with loops, for tying onto a rack to make it maximally non-sway-y and harder to steal. Or at least slower to steal. (worth $13.26)

The new dimensions are 7.25โ€H x 12W x 11โ€Deep (front to back). Saddle-loop to tire requirement: 10.25-inches. Less with a fender or rack.

It is the ideal size for slight shopping trips or long day rides with lots of stuff. It is hard to imagine a bike rider whoโ€™d hate this bag.

ALL Sackville Saddlesacks are the result of 30+ years of saddlebag use and obsession. These are our own designs, made without compromise in Connecticut. They’re expensive, but last decades. They all require a saddle with loops. All modern leather saddles and some plastic ones have them.

Product Specs

CountryUnited States