Sackville Banana Sax

USD $131

We made this years ago, stopped, many small bag makers took up the slack in the interim–good for them all!–and now it’s back with the most refined, perfect design yet.

There’s a new mounting rig that is so obviously better, I feel stupid for not thinking of it myself. I think Roman did. Vince? Will? I think it was Roman. No matter–the point is, the BananaSack is better for it, because it makes it a cinch to mount on a saddle or on the handlebar. And the closure is our world-beating but not world-famous ring-and toggle. So neat, so fast. Inside, there’s a similar thing that closes flaps and helps the bike keep it’s shape, but still shows the load inside, and gives you access without having to undo it. A sleeve pocket inside holds your cell phone, money, or keys.

Product Specs

CountryUnited States