Sackville ClembaSack

USD $91


If you have a CLEM you should also have the Wald CLEM Basket…and if you have that you don’t strictly need a bag to go in it, because  it’s deep enough that things won’t pop out of it over bumps. However, when you get to where you’re going and want to go get some stuff and take it home, you’ll need a bag, and this bag is perfect for that basket, because that’s what we made it for.

It’ll also fit into any of our other baskets, because bags conform to baskets. It works with any of the baskets, but is the best one for the CLEM basket.
As always, made of the good-stuff waterproofed cotton, dense and rugged, with small zip pocket on the side.

Put a piece of cardboard on the floor of your Clem basket when you use it with this bag. The sharp edges of the basket mounting hardware can abrade the fabric. You could also wrap some Newbaums over the edges.

Product Specs

CountryUnited States