Wizard Works

Wizard Works Shazam Saddle Bag Regular

USD $255

For the adventurous among you that need to carry more stuff, the Shazam! saddle bag is here for all your advanced stuff carrying needs. Got a bikepacking trip this weekend? Maybe you just need to carry lots of stuff with you on the daily commute and youโ€™re sick of tying your jumper around your waist? With a sizable carrying capacity, able to be used on the bars or saddle, and the added bonus of looking cute on and off the bike, Shazza will most certainly snazza up any ride.

Available in two sizes, the Mini size is a perfect bar bag for long day rides, or a great saddle bag for smaller riders. The Regular size is the go-to for bigger folks and bigger trips. Constructed with a plastic sheet and reinforced at the attachment bar with an aluminium length, Shazam is the most stable saddlebag out there. The expanding rolltop and long flap provides adjustable and flexible carrying capacity (we see you emergency grocery trip!).


  • Long flap secures bigger loads or extra things (like tent poles or a few baguettes)
  • Multiple attachment points allows use with saddle loops or upfront on the bars
  • Roomy side pockets can hold a pair of burritos
  • Super cute portage handle for off the bike transportation
  • D-rings for optional Shoulder Strap
  • Daisy chain webbing on flap

Product Specs

Weight800 g
Capacity22.5 L
CountryUnited Kingdom