Buffalo Bag

Buffalo Bag Buff Tank X-Pac

USD $40

Designed around 1L of Nalgene water bottle. So, if you have a plan to pair it together trust me, it will fit like a glove.

Also great for rain jacket, camera, hi-tech cell phone, snack, shitty weed or use it whatever you like and donโ€™t let me tell you what to do with it.

  • Colors: Black / Rhino Gray / Coyote brown / Olive green / Maroon red / Red / Yellow / Light sky blue / Turquoise / Purple and White.
  • Made out of X-Pac VX07
  • 210pu ripstop for inside liner
  • 2.0mm closed cell foam for add stability and structure to the bag.
  • Come with 3 Velcro straps and 1 lock cord strap.

Product Specs

Weight100 g
Capacity1.4 L